"Though I am a humble dust
in the wind,
I long to return
to the fragrance of the plum blossom
of the Song Dynasty."

Zheng has been greatly influenced by Chinese Taoist philosopher Zhuangzi: “Nature presents its great beauty in silence; communication solely with the essence of the universe.”

Zheng's research into Eastern aesthetics as well as traditional Chinese Art has become her life's work.

Zheng paints from her home studio in the beautiful Tamar Valley, UK.

"Floating on a lotus,
no regrets, no fears,
all in peace.
Everyday is a blessing,
living for aesthetics."

Zheng was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in December 2015. Though deeply shocked, she accepted the catastrophe and impermanence of life calmly.

Whilst coping stoically with cancer, she is fully embracing a Zen lifestyle which is dedicated to meditation and tea ceremony.

"Life is not about length, but the depth of the awakening of the soul."

Born in Chongqing (China)
Before 2006 First life (China)
After 2006 Second life (UK)

2014 BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Plymouth, UK
2009 ND Photography, Plymouth College of Art, UK (Winner of the Colin Gibb Award 2008/2009)